Monday, January 18, 2010

My Basic Philosophy on Health

Most of us have heard of DNA, right? It's hard not to these days with all the talk about genetics and evolution and such. Each of our cells contains DNA which contains the basic instructions on how to make our body work right. It was taught to me in my high school biology class that each cell has all the knowledge it needs to create the whole body, but they each specialize and do what they need to do.

So if every cell knows what to do, why do they sometimes do the wrong things? Why do we sometimes not heal as well as other times when there is a problem? My theory is that the cells need the proper nutrients to do what they need to do.

If a brick builder is given straw to build a building, it won't come out right. It doesn't matter what he knows about bricks and how to build a good, strong building. If he doesn't have the right materials, he can't do as good of a job. I believe that our bodies work the same way. If what we need are vitamins, minerals, protein, water, etc, and we give them sugar and chemicals instead, the cells will be unable to properly create new cells and create a healthy body.

We were created to self-heal. We were provided with the proper nutrients in our environment to nourish and cleanse our bodies as needed. But we often choose to stray from what is good for us and go to what is easy or tasty. We have altered our tastes from what we were created to enjoy to what man has created. I believe that if we go back to what God has created for us to eat and eat foods as close to how God created them as possible, then we will see our bodies begin to heal themselves and we will feel healthier, stronger, and more vibrant each day. I'm seeing it in myself and my family and I hope to share that with anyone willing to try it for themselves.

Good healthy food is the first step. Herbs provide nutrients that might target a specific area that needs extra help. I believe herbs help because they cleanse and nourish. They provide the vitamins and minerals and things that we know help us. They also provide nutrients that man hasn't even discovered yet. Whole herbs (rather than derivatives of herbs and individual chemical constituents) nourish and also help counteract some side effects.

Another big part of my philosophy on health is prayer. I try to always ask God what to do in each situation. I try to follow His lead. Sometimes He leads me to things I already knew to do and other times He leads me to things that I think, "Huh? Why would I do that?" And yet so far it has turned out to be the right answer each time. So I ask that you keep that in mind and know that just because something worked for someone, that doesn't mean that same answer would work for everyone. Please be aware that the stories I share on this blog are not advice for YOU and what would necessarily work for you. It might, but please pray about it first just to be sure. Herbs are usually pretty safe--like just eating your vegetables really (sometimes we put them in a capsule rather than plugging our noses) but why waste your time and money and deal with the discouragement of taking something that isn't what you need? God created you. He intimately knows every detail of your body. He knows what you need and what you don't. Just ask Him.

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