Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fast Working Stuff!

We've all had sore throats around here. I think it might be strep. I realize the conventional thing is to run to the doctor and get antibiotics and I am not saying you shouldn't. I just know that I have found natural ways of dealing with it and we don't go to the doctor unless we have to. We have had to, but usually we respond to other things.

So what do we do? I usually use Grapefruit Seed Extract made by Nutribiotic. I've tried other brands and not been happy with the outcome, so I stick with the Nutribiotic brand. The dosage is 1 drop of the liquid per 10 lbs body weight. I mix this in juice and give it 3 times a day. They also have tablets and capsules for those big enough to swallow them.

Another thing that works well is to gargle with mouthwash. Those in the family big enough to do that are seeing great results. As with anything, it works best if used at the first sign of illness, then gargle at least 3 times a day.

But this year was different. My little guy wouldn't drink the juice. He wouldn't take any of the things I offered him. He's too little to gargle. I prayed about what to do because he just kept getting sicker. I knew if I took him to the doctor, they would prescribe antibiotics and I was fairly certain he wouldn't take that either. Every time I prayed I got the same answer: licorice. That wasn't making sense to me as in my limited knowledge I figured it would help the sore throat a bit, but he also had some really bad diarrhea and I thought the licorice would make it worse. I finally decided to trust God and started brewing some licorice tea. Meanwhile, I got out my book "Herbal Antibiotics" and looked up licorice. It turns out it is listed in the book and even effective against some strain or other of strep. So I gave it to him. He loved it and drank a couple of cups that day. By the next day he was nearly better.

Fast forward to this week. More of the kids have been sick and I was giving them a tea with a mix of licorice, mullein, peppermint and echinacea. It was helping a lot, but I think they had some motivational issues too. (It's fun to sit on the sofa and be waited on by Mom while you watch movies all day. Who would WANT to get better?) Then I got sick. That was kind of hard on all of us. I was recovering quickly, but still had a horrible sore throat last night. I hate the taste of black licorice, but gave in and tried this stuff we have. Within seconds my sore throat was gone and stayed gone for 12 hours!

So what was this stuff I used? Meltzer's Puremints Licorice. I don't mean to be doing an ad for them, but wow! I was so amazed at how well it worked I felt I should share!

I had to take another one almost exactly 12 hours later because my throat was hurting again. It worked again.

Funny thing is, I didn't buy them to be helpful. I bought them because my husband and one of my sons were in search of the perfect flavor and they thought licorice and mint would be it. So when I saw them, I had to get them. They love them. They have helped a couple of tummy aches, cheered kids up (those who like licorice), and now sore throats. I'll be buying more of these in spite of the fact I think they're yucky.

Did you ever notice that most people either love or hate licorice? I've always been one who hated it, but now I'm learning to love the stuff even though I still hate the taste.