Monday, March 28, 2016

Plantain Sticks

Back in 2010 I gave instructions on how to make Plantain Oil. I'm going to give those instructions again because I want to update a few things. But since then I started using that oil to make Plantain Sticks. That allows me to have them handy in my purse all the time. They really come in handy!

Once we were at the zoo and my daughter collided with a bee. It stung her right at the bottom of her lower eye lid and it immediately began to swell. We were heading home anyway, but by the time we got to the exit, which was only a couple of minutes, it was swelling quite a bit and I was worried it would swell shut. So we stopped and I grabbed the Plantain stick out of my purse. I carefully applied a tiny bit to the sting being careful not to get it IN her eye. Then we walked about 2 more minutes to our van. I turned to look at her and it was gone. You could still see the red spot, but the swelling was gone and she felt better.

I have a daughter who seems to be allergic to mosquitoes. They love her and bite her often and she swells up with huge bumps with each bite. Plantain brings them down to normal bug bites for her. They've also helped us endure fire ant stings and spider bites. I used the oil one night to draw out a deep splinter and it brought it to the surface by morning.

So if you want to buy Plantain Sticks from me, you can email me at They're $1 each plus shipping. But even better is to make them yourself. If this is popular I'll figure out how to do a cart and you can just order, but for now, email me.

The first step is to obtain Plantain. You can buy it dried at Bulk Herb Store, but it's kinda pricey. And if you have weeds in your yard, you likely have some out there. This is a great article on how to identify it. and that link should open in a new window so you won't lose these instructions.

After you find fresh plantain, rinse it off if it's muddy and pat it dry. Then set it on a towel or paper towels and put it in a window or somewhere to dry for a couple of days. This is important. I made the oil with fresh plantain once and it just got moldy. So once it's dry, put it in a clean jar and cover it with oil. It will float, but you want the oil to be about an inch higher than the plantain was before it started to float. So if you just want a little, you don't need much plantain, but make a lot. I haven't seen it go bad yet if I used dry herbs and it's great stuff. Shake it up every day for about 3 weeks, strain and label. I don't bother straining it until I need it.

To make the Plantain Sticks, you'll want to have empty tubes and beeswax handy. Use 7 parts plantain oil with 1 part beeswax and melt them together in a pot.  Test it by letting a bit harden on a spoon. If it's too soft, add more beeswax. If it's too hard, add more oil. When you get it how you want it, use a pipette to pour it into the tubes. Let it harden and label it. I found that it takes about 1/2 tsp beeswax and 3 1/2 tsp oil to make 2 tubes.

I found a similar product on iHerb. It's not in a tube but in a tub and I haven't used it. It's the same ingredients. I think it would work, just messier. The sticks don't require touching it to apply it. If you purchase it from there please use my link as it contains my referral code and I earn a bit. It's like I get a little coupon the next time I check out and that makes me smile.