Monday, March 6, 2017

Sam's Formula

Several years ago when that "non-polio" enterovirus was going around, Sam had it bad. He had a breathing treatment at the Dr's office and was prescribed an inhaler. The inhaler didn't do much good. I prayed and just "knew" what herbs to put together. Later, after it worked, I realized this is an anti-inflammatory formula. 

Last night while saying I needed to try anti-inflammatory drugs for my migraine, Clark asked don't I have anti-inflammatory herbs? I remembered this tincture, tried it, and it worked! This morning I woke up headache free, though my ears were still ringing. I worked out and still no pain. 

Since God gave this formula to me freely, I will pass it on. I can't promise it will work for you, but so far so good here. Don't give up your regular medication before you know if this helps you though!

Sam's Formula:
4 parts each elderberry and mullein;
2 parts each plantain, peppermint, red raspberry leaf, spearmint, marshmallow, chamomile, rose hips;
1 part each alfalfa and nettle

Mix together then use 1 teaspoon of the mixture per 1 cup of water to make a tea. I made a tincture with vodka as a base. Fill a jar half full with herb mixture, then pour vodka in the jar to 1 inch from the top. Label it with what it is (a sharpie works great on glass and washes off later) and the date. Shake every day for 3 weeks. Strain it and put in in a tincture bottle (available on amazon) with a dropper. 1 dropper full has worked for us for asthma, coughs, and now a migraine.

If anyone tries it I would love to hear results.