Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Thyroid, Progesterone, or Magnesium Deficiency?

I was diagnosed with a thyroid deficiency years ago. I've been using natural supplements that always worked, but in the last year I have had 2 miscarriages and an increase in symptoms and decided it was time to get help. I haven't been able to find a doctor willing to help me, so I went back to trying to do this myself based on symptoms. Then I realized that wasn't working so I turned to God and begged Him to help me understand WHY I have thyroid problems. I eat a fairly healthy diet. I don't have a formal exercise program, but with lots of little kids, I definitely stay active. I've never been one to just treat symptoms. I want to know why the problem exists and try to get to the root of it to fix it.

As soon as I started asking God why, I started to hear about low progesterone and hormone imbalances everywhere I turned. I heard about Poly cystic Ovarian Syndrome and while I haven't been diagnosed with it as far as I know, I realized that I have the symptoms and that doctors I have seen have treated me accordingly. So I was becoming more convinced, as I kept getting this information shoved in my face at every turn, that I had an estrogen/progesterone imbalance. The fact that I've had these symptoms forever and still managed to have 12 healthy babies is just more evidence of a God who does what He wants. My children are His creation in spite of my health. Anyway, finally I saw that there is a link between hormone imbalance and thyroid deficiency. The hormone imbalance could very possibly be causing the thyroid to not function properly. I'm sorry I cannot give resources. I was just searching for my own purposes and didn't save them.

So then I asked God WHY again. Why do I have low progesterone? What would cause this? Then I see an article about magnesium. I was drawn to it and then couldn't read fast enough. To make a really long story less long, I'll summarize that a magnesium deficiency can cause a hormone imbalance. Aha! I know from reading studies about tooth grinding that I have a magnesium deficiency. 100% of tooth grinders can be helped by taking magnesium supplements, but their grinding starts right back up when they stop the supplements. And apparently some people are genetically pre-wired to not absorb magnesium well. I knew that I don't absorb it well. When I take magnesium tablets I end up with diarrhea. Sometimes it's worth it because my migraines will go away from taking magnesium. And I can't have chocolate because it decreases magnesium absorption leading to all sorts of problems like heavy periods and migraines. But I try to eat lots of foods with magnesium and it just doesn't help. It turns out our soil is depleted AND the way most things are grown today they don't absorb as much magnesium from the soil anyway. So my diet wasn't going to help me. It was going to take ridiculously large amounts of the right foods to fix it.

But then I learned about magnesium oil. You just spray it on and your skin won't absorb more than you need.

So I will be experimenting and sharing how it works out for me.

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