Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Magnesium Experiment, First Post--Day 2

I am going to be experimenting and thought I would journal how it's going here.

About 19 years ago I had a blood test done by a doctor who did things all naturally. He told me 1, my iron level was toxically high and to never take iron again and 2, my thyroid was low and to take l-Tyrosine, an amino acid. So I have followed his advice and it has worked.

The iron thing has been difficult at times. During pregnancies my hemoglobin level would get low and every midwife I've ever seen has insisted I needed to take iron supplements. It was iron supplements that got me into trouble in the first place. I took the Floradix brand that is supposed to be so great. My hemoglobin level stayed low with each finger prick and my midwife had me increase up to 3 capsules a day. She told me to continue this while nursing. When my baby was 9 weeks old I saw the doctor. In later pregnancies, my midwives would tell me to take an iron supplement.  I refused, but did increase protein, B vitamins and water (these will also increase your hemoglobin level). This always worked and I had levels the midwife was comfortable with without increasing heavy metals in my blood. This is completely a side issue on this post, but one I felt important to share.

I've always had some weird hormone sort of problem. I've been told by several doctors that I would not be able to have children. Between doctors and health nuts I have tried lots of different things. I tried birth control pills. They didn't help and didn't fit with my beliefs so I quit those. I tried progesterone cream and it seemed to increase my symptoms. I admit I didn't give it a fair trial, but quit trying it early. I just really have a problem with the whole idea of messing with hormones. Our bodies were made to heal themselves. I wanted to know WHY I needed any hormone supplement and how can I make it so I don't. Clearly doctors don't have all the answers. They have never been able to help me. My latest doctor visit was just frustrating as they wanted to tell me that I am just old now and my eggs are as old as I am. Whatever. If that were the real problem I would not have been having problems building up since I was 14 years old.

So I went back to the only doctor who has ever been able to help me. I turned to God. I have a bunch of supplements I have been taking to help with my symptoms. One night as I reached for them, I felt God distinctly tell me NO. I pulled my hand back and asked Him, "really? What about all my problems? I'll start gaining weight again and get all fuzzy headed. My hair will fall out..." But I obeyed and asked for a sign. It would be my weight. He gave me a number. I would step on the scale next week and if it was a certain number I would know I was okay not taking these. But that number seemed way too low to be realistic.

I continued to ask each morning and night when it was time to take my supplements. I was allowed to start back on my vitamins, but not my Tyrosine. Yet as I watched my weight, it just held steady. Then the next week I stepped on the scale. The digital display did it's little dance and just as the numbers were about to show up, it danced some more and the too-low-to-believe-it number showed up. The exact number God had given me. I knew this wasn't my actual weight. It was 6 pounds lower than it had been just a few hours ago! I just stared at it for a while and realized, this was my confirmation. I was to continue to trust God and stay off the Tyrosine. From that point on I watched my symptoms re-appear. My hair got dry and started to fall out a bit more each day. My skin got dry and even flaky. My weight began to climb. And yesterday morning I realized I was depressed and paranoid. Heavy periods have been a lifelong plague for me and this time it was only 3 weeks. And really heavy and long. Horrible migraines that go along with my cycle (one when I start and another as it ends about 10 days later). This is definitely an act of trust and continual prayer.

Yesterday morning I realized I was depressed and paranoid. This has just reappeared. It was something I struggled with years ago, but had it under control with the Tyrosine. So I prayed again and told God everything is back. This can't be right to just do nothing. He responded that I'm getting it out of my system so I can give magnesium a true test. Hmm. Okay. I hoped it would hurry up and get here.

Magnesium arrived in the mail a few hours later. Perfect timing! No big surprise seeing as my Doctor doesn't make mistakes. So I sprayed it on. (I'll explain what I'm testing in another post. This one is already so long.) It kinda felt tingly, but not tingly. Like my cells were waking up. I know that sounds really weird but I don't really know how to describe it. The rest of the day I felt like my skin had a residue on it, which it did I guess. Through prayer and confirmation from my husband, I felt I was to apply it twice a day. I reapplied it at bedtime and it didn't tingle at all. The only thing I noticed all day yesterday was I was sleepy. Really really sleepy. Like when I'm pregnant, but no way am I pregnant.

So today is Day 2. I applied it this morning. The only change is that I have a headache. I'm not sure if it's related to the magnesium or to the fact that  I couldn't sleep last night. That's another symptom I've had for a couple days is that I can't fall asleep. But I got 6 full hours and did dream so that's good for me. More likely it's an end of cycle headache. But not nearly as painful as usual--yet. We'll see.

My plan is to log how I'm doing with this experiment. If it works as well as I think it will, I want people to know about it. I've got several people in mind that I think this could help--starting with my niece--but I want to test it first.

Two more symptoms I've had: I've been a tooth grinder at least since 2nd grade. I caught myself doing that this morning. And I have really thick skin on my heels. It's still thick. Not that I expected that to go away soon, but I do expect both of these symptoms to diminish. We'll see.

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