Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Magnesium Day 3

Last night I slept better. More like how I did before I stopped the Tyrosine. Today I had a few moments of sadness-for-no-reason, but they were just moments and passed quickly. My hair is still falling out in the shower more than it used to. Then this afternoon I had heart palpitations. I have had them in the past either when I first get pregnant (definitely not it right now) or when I have missed tyrosine then restarted it. So that seemed to be a good sign to me.

Also, while shopping with the kids today I noticed I was really calm. I had noticed I had been losing patience more in the last week or two, but hadn't attributed it to anything really. I just didn't like how grumpy I was. So I don't know if it's the magnesium or not, but I had read that it helps calm nerves and is good for ADHD. I don't know that you could say I have ADHD, but calm and patient is good when shopping with your 7 youngest children.

Oh, and I've gained another pound. :( My weight fluctuates about 3 pounds a day, but my low was up one and my high was up one. Not a lot, but I'm eating less due to a decreased appetite.

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