Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Days 6-9

Magnesium alone was not working. I have some thoughts on why not, but it just wasn't working.

I gained a total of 3 pounds last week. That's not the direction I wanted to go. I would gain weight every other day and then not lose it in between.

Every other day I was grinding my teeth. It was weird. I'd get so excited that I hadn't done it all day, then the next day I would.

I was desperately tired every single day.

Migraines. Two in the last week. Not good.

And every other day I was constipated. Sorry. Just sharing my experience, but no further details here.

Do you notice the trend? Every other day I felt okay (never great) and then I'd feel awful. I only shower every other day. I used to shower daily, but my hair can only handle every other day or it gets really, really dried out. I used to take a bath on the in between days, but frankly, I can't squeeze it into my schedule anymore. And until I started this whole experiment, it was never a problem. Not only was body odor an issue for me on the off days, it was a problem within minutes of stepping out of the shower. So I think my skin wasn't absorbing the magnesium as well in between. Probably the shower opened my pores better or something.

It was either sacrifice my time and fit in two showers a day (I use the magnesium twice a day), hoping that it would help with all the problems I was having, or try something else.

Last night I started Fo Ti Root. I plan to take it at night and Eleuthero Root in the morning. I found it interesting that I prayed first and asked my Physician about what to do and this was the answer I got. Then I saw on my bottle that many people will alternate Fo Ti with Ginseng. Eleuthero is also known as Siberian Ginseng. I don't know if that's what they mean, but anyway, I'm going to do what I felt I was told to do. And I will continue the magnesium, trying to get a shower or bath daily.

So far today: no tooth grinding, no weight gain (no loss either, darnit), only needed a 10 minute nap, and no longer constipated.

Also I feel smart. So I tested myself and played a couple of rounds of Sudoku on the easy level. Over the past week my times were getting slower and slower. Up to like 8 minutes or so to finish a game. Today I got my new high. I completed an easy level game in 1 min and 40 seconds! WooHoo!

Overall, I feel better than I've felt in the last 3 weeks since I stopped taking the Tyrosine.

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